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Gratitude: The Buzz and the Resistance

The cards I’ve been dealt are overwhelmingly good ones, and I do my best to share the gifts I’ve worked for and the ones that have been bestowed upon me. I understand the value of focusing on one tiny good... Read More

Remembering Kobe and Brian: Men who Made Larger-than-Life Impact

As the country begins to process the shock of the sudden death of Kobe Bryant, his 13-year old daughter Gigi, and the other families who lost their precious loved ones, many of us, even Kobe’s biggest fans, are struck by... Read More

Reemerging on Social Media

I’m coming out of ‘lurker’ mode! It’s true, I confess, there’s no getting around it: I will soon have a memoir to promote—and so here I am, writing blog posts for the first time ever (late bloomer!), setting up new... Read More

Full Circle with a Song

A decade ago, when Kris Allen was singing his heart out to an audience of millions on American Idol, Season Eight, I was married to Brian. In our mid-thirties, we had three kids under the age of six and absolutely... Read More


And then everything changed… “12/22/11” is the title of a school lyrical essay my daughter Brooke wrote on December 1, 2017, six years after Brian’s—her daddy’s—death. The assignment was to illustrate how appearances are not always what they seem—a perfectly... Read More

Turning the Energy of Pain into Purpose

Mike and I attended the Toronto International Film Festival last month to honor Aditi and Niren Chaudhary, the real-life couple the movie The Sky is Pink is based on. We knew what they had been through and how they were... Read More

Feeling Green – but AWESOME – About the Green Scene

When it comes to carrying Brian’s legacy for the environment forward, at times I’ve been going at it like gangbusters, at times I’ve quietly worked in the background, and at times I’d say I haven’t been active at all. From... Read More

The Adoption Puzzle

The stack of legal papers for adoption is thick: so thick that even though my husband and I have been talking about and planning for this huge step in fitting our family together for years, I have somehow forgotten to... Read More